We’re proud to have some fantastic supporters backing this project. You can never have too many friends however so if you’re interested, please get in touch!
"The war on drugs is a serious global issue but most people don't fully comprehend the scale of it. Shane Ward's film 'Drug War' is important because it seeks to tell that pressing global story in an accessible and thought provoking way,  engaging people in a debate that is long overdue. He deserves all the support he can get for this important project" 
- Mike Leigh, Film Director & Writer
"This film promises to be a wakeup call for everyone, not least development NGOs - many of whom have found their work continually hindered by the fallout of failed drug policy for decades. Informed, open debate is vital.  People should support this project in any way they can because a film such as this will enhance and stimulate that debate in the UK and internationally. Shane Ward's film is shaping up to be a powerful tool for effecting change on an issue that affects millions of people around the world." - Martin Drewry, Director - Health Poverty Action
"Tipping Point is proud to be supporting Shane Ward's cinematically ambitious film ‘Drug War’ as it seeks to unpack one of the big issues of our day - the so-called global 'war on drugs'.   In revealing how little we know  about it, and worse,  how this ignorance obscures the way to meaningful solutions, the film will challenge us all to wake up to the global tragedy playing out daily and to listen to those whose vision for a different way forward should make us all think." - Deborah Burton, Co-Founder - Tipping Point Film Fund
"A film like ‘Drug War’ is long overdue. For far too long the debate has been dipping in and out of the media spotlight when what it needs it to be put front and centre in the public consciousness. The global war on drugs is a hugely important social issue affecting everyone and Shane's film promises to be the spark that ignites the tinder of a - much needed - public debate on this subject. I urge people to get behind the project however they can" - Danny Kushlick, Founder & Head of External Affairs - Transform Drug Policy Foundation
"This is a film and a debate long overdue. The vast racket comprised of cowardly politicians, hysterical right-wing media, corrupted police forces and the drug dealers themselves needs to be confronted. We have endured, and millions have suffered, the utter, hypocritical idiocy of what has been in effect a system of faith-based drug laws for far too long. It's time for evidence, honesty and reason; simple as that.." 
- Iain Banks, Author
"Every year tens of thousands people are murdered, others are displaced from their lands, the South American rainforests are polluted, young people are caught up in violence in cities around the world all in the name of the ‘War on Drugs’. Shane’s film addresses all these issues and more. It is so important that the public understand the devastating impact of the current policies and the need for reform. Shane’s knowledge, dedication and creative approach to this project will no doubt result in a film that grabs people’s attention and could be a catalyst for real debate on how we handle drugs in our society" 
- Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director - Release