Drug War is the world’s first feature documentary about the global war on drugs.
The film travels the world to explore the costs of international drug prohibition and will piece together - for the first time on screen - the reality of this poorly understood global system. 
Audiences will be taken on a journey to understand the real life impact of our efforts to control illicit drugs. The film will reveal the effect these efforts have on international development & security, human rights, poverty, organised crime, public health, racial equality, corruption, politics, law enforcement, the environment and of course the world economy.
Through examining all the facets of this global system the film will piece together the real story behind international drug prohibition and allow people to finally understand the actual price being paid in our government’s attempts to eradicate illicit drugs from the world.
Using a visually striking mix of live action footage from the front lines, animated dramatic recreation, motion graphics, interviews and historical archive material, the film will provide audiences with a shocking, funny, moving, provocative and - above all - entertaining journey through the world of global drug prohibition and fully explore the taboo of the alternatives - such as decriminalisation and legal regulation.